When I interviewed George Socha for the seventh annual Legaltech thought leader interview series (which we will publish tomorrow), one thing he mentioned was the EDRM is rolling out a new web site.  Last week, the new site was officially rolled out and the logo reflects EDRM’s new home at Duke Law.

As they indicated in the email announcement to EDRM subscribers, “Our goal was to make the site faster and easier to use. To do that, we reorganized some content, streamlined the site’s structure, and removed out-of-date items. If you have any trouble finding something, please email us at EDRM@law.duke.edu.  We do have access to the old site, and we should be able to help you quickly locate whatever you need.”

The announcement also noted that they are in the process of rebuilding the members section of the site, so old logins are no longer functional. The announcement indicated that they will send login information to all current members later this month.  In addition to the benefits that members have received in the past, they also will receive other new benefits, such as discounts for Duke Conference registrations and Judicature subscriptions.

As for resources available to everyone, the site provides sections to access Frameworks & Standards (including, of course, the EDRM model, as well as other models) as well as a Resources section to access Budget Calculators, Glossaries and Datasets (among other resources).

Naturally, since eDiscovery Daily is the only publication that is an EDRM Education partner and since links to our posts were published on the old site, I was interested to see where they would be on the new site.  They’re in the News section on the eDiscovery Daily page here.

The new site certainly looks more up to date and more intuitive.  And, it clearly reflects a changing of the guard with the move over to Duke Law.  Tomorrow, you’ll hear more about the transition from EDRM’s co-founder himself!

So, what do you think?  Will the acquisition by Duke Law be a positive influence for EDRM?

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