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2017 Year-End Federal Tax Reform Proposals

by Burns & Levinson LLP on

...The proposed federal tax reform now being considered in Congress would make many changes after this year, if passed into law. The following areas are under consideration as of November 27, 2017 for domestic businesses, compensation and benefits and individuals. The purpose of this checklist is to provide only a general idea of how the tax landscape... more

The Short Field Guide to IPOs - November 2017

by Morrison & Foerster LLP - JOBS Act on

...THE EMERGING GROWTH COMPANY - The JOBS Act created a new class of issuer: the emerging growth company (EGC). An EGC is defined as an issuer with total annual gross revenue of less than $1.07 billion (originally $1 billion, but amended for inflation in 2017) during the most recent fiscal year. Most companies considering or preparing for an IPO... more

Nate Smithson Provides an Update on Tax Reform

by Jackson Walker on

...Jackson Walker partner Nate Smithson has prepared an updated guide to tax reform which reflects the senate’s newly-proposed tax bill. The guide covers tax brackets, deductions, capital gains, and other relevant topics in tax law. Please see full update below for more information.... more