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Annual Report on EEOC Developments – Fiscal Year 2016

by Littler on

...This Annual Report on EEOC Developments—Fiscal Year 2016 (hereafter “Report”), our sixth annual Report, is designed as a comprehensive guide to significant EEOC developments over the past fiscal year. The Report does not merely summarize case law and litigation statistics, but also offers an analysis of the EEOC’s... more

Food Product Recalls – Are You Covered?

by McCarter & English, LLP on

...ential link to an outbreak of E. coli that has sickened nearly 40 people in 20 states since December 2015. A few days later, Hostess Brands, LLC, issued a recall for possible peanut residue in a variety of snack packs. This past week, Frito-Lay issued a sim... more