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What Are Requests For Admission And How Can They Help My Divorce Case?

Requests for Admission are written statements of fact which are submitted to an adverse party in a divorce proceeding which that party is required to admit or deny. They can be an effective and efficient way to establish...more

3/31/2014 - Divorce Request for Admissions

Can I Move Out Of State With My Child?

You are employed at Intel. They decide to move the R&D facility to Utah and unless you move with your team, you are out of a job. However, your former spouse has a stable job in Tempe and has parenting time with the...more

5/25/2013 - Burden of Proof Child Custody Divorce Relocation

Should I Have A Premarital Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a binding legal document between a prospective husband and wife, which addresses the financial consequences of their marriage ending....more


What Exactly Is Community Property Law In Arizona And Why Does It Matter?

Arizona is a community property state and community property law controls the division of all assets of your marital estate....more

5/21/2013 - Community Property Divorce Marital Assets

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