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Lenders Versus Mechanics’ Liens in West Virginia: A Question of Priorities

Finally! After days, weeks, sometimes even months of waiting, you as the lending officer received approval from corporate that underwriting has just approved your borrower and you can proceed with the term sheet. Time to put...more

9/30/2013 - Lenders Liens Loan Servicer Loans Underwriting

Community Banking Excellence - 3rd Quarter 2013

In This Issue: - Interview with a Community Banking Advocate - Lenders Versus Mechanics' Liens in West Virginia: A Question of Priorities - Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Agreements - EXECUTIVE RESOURCE: Symposium on...more


The Complexities of Mechanic’s Liens in West Virginia

West Virginia has seven "mechanic's and materialman’s lien" statutes to protect the interests of those performing or supplying construction-related work in the state. Although these statutes are interpreted by the courts to...more

7/5/2013 - Construction Disputes Contractors Mechanics Lien Subcontractors

The Construct - Your Guide to Law in the Construction Industry - June 2013

In This Issue: - Simplifying the Mechanic's Lien Agent Process: NC's New Online Clearinghouse - The Complexities of Mechanic's Liens in West Virginia - I Did The Work -- Where Is My Check? - So, You're Having...more

6/27/2013 - Construction Disputes Liens Mechanics Lien Notice Requirements

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