In This Issue:

- Introduction

- Social Media And The Employment Relationship

- Wage And Hour Considerations

- Discrimination Laws

- Protected Activity Laws

- Applicant Screening Laws

- Employee Privacy Considerations

- Federal Laws Applicable To Electronic

- Communications And Data

- Other Tort Liability For Employers

- Safeguarding Confidential And Proprietary Information

- Employer Policies And Practices

- Ownership Of Social Media Accounts

- User Generated Content

- Copyright

- Trademarks

- Trade Secrets

- Defamation

- Protection Through Terms Of Use And Privacy And Privacy Policies

- Effect Of Social Media Use On Privacy And Security Compliance

- Compliance With Securities And Disclosure Laws

- Social Media As A Marketing Tool

- Social Media In Litigation

- Social Media Audit

- Social Media Platform Terms Of Use

- Relevant Laws And Regulations

- An excerpt from Preface:

Although the major social media outlets are no more than twenty years old, their growth in terms of audience and functionality has grown exponentially in that time as businesses recognize the explicit economic value of social media use in areas like advertising, market research, branding, sales and contracting, and other direct involvement with customers and suppliers.

That broad functionality, the ability to reach large audiences, and the desire to be a first-adopter of a valuable technology can, however, sometimes lead a business to adopt – at least initially - an uncritical approach to social media use that ignores the need for well thought out review of issues and development of comprehensive use policies.

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