Battling Insurance Companies For Injury Compensation


If you are like most ordinary injury victims, you face the challenge of dealing with an insurance company that does not want to part with its money. Insurance companies are not usually victims’ advocates but, more often, their opponents. Obtaining an experienced Seattle injury law firm can be crucial for protecting your rights and recovering fair compensation.

During the past decade, the news media and various authors have unveiled the fervor with which many insurance companies pursue profits. In a now well-known media exposé released in 2007, CNN’s Anderson Cooper revealed that insurance companies delay, deny and defend claims and do this as an operating basis in many cases. Since then, author Jay M. Feinman released a book in March 2010, entitled Delay, Deny, Defend: Why Insurance Companies Don't Pay Claim and What You Can Do About It. Feinman is a legal scholar and insurance expert, and he describes the inherent flaws in the system and what the government should do to correct them. He targets large insurance companies, such as Allstate and State Farm.

For decades, attorneys and the legal system have been the layperson’s means of balancing the scales of justice. Fortunately, through their legal skills, Seattle personal injury lawyers can help you recover the compensation entitled by law.

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