Business Law Newsletter - September 2012


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- Enforceability of Waivers of Prospective Liability.....Page 1

- Copyright Law 101......Page 2

- Excerpt from Copyright Law:

Every business has intellectual property that is entitled to protection and from which it can potentially derive profit. One such area is copyright law; although there is often confusion about (1) what exactly is protected by copyright law, (2) how the copyrights are secured, and (3) who exactly is the owner when a copyrightable work is created by an independent contractor or subcontractor.

Copyright Protects Tangible Expressions of Ideas -

Copyright law protects “original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form of expression.” It is limited to these specific categories: literary works; musical works, including any accompanying words; dramatic works, including any accompanying music; pantomimes and choreographic works; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; motion pictures and other audiovisual works; sound recordings; and architectural works. But, these categories should be interpreted broadly.

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