Cross-Border Crashes: How Canadian Healthcare Can Affect Your Settlement

Despite the efforts to prevent accidents, crashes with Canadian drivers are still an all too common occurrence in Washington State. To make matters worse, dealing with Canadian insurance companies can be confusing and overwhelming. Many Canadians carry insurance that will cover their injury regardless of who caused the accident, which adds complications to calculating settlements. We like to think of Canada as similar to the US, but insurance is one instance where we are worlds apart.

Navigating the insurance systems of two different countries is manageable when you have a prepared partner by your side. Depending on the province where they are from, Canadian drivers may different coverage plans. There are some similarities across provinces, but think about an accident between drivers from two different states: there are nuances in the laws and insurance coverage that comes into play (the same situation may be true with Canadians from different provinces).

The second point to understand is that Canadians are mandated to have auto insurance. Canadian auto insurance usually has a higher level of coverage than American auto insurance. This is crucial knowledge for pursuing a settlement case against a Canadian insurer because naiveté about their rates can lead to you accepting less money than you are entitled to.

Our law firm has extensive experience representing Canadians who have been injured while in the State of Washington as well as injured Americans involved in a car accident with and at-fault Canadian driver in Washington State.