Distributor Training – Two Common Questions


Why there are Consumer Protection Laws and how they Affect Distributors

Millions of individuals who are going into network marketing are doing so part time. Generally, they are amateurs. They are not professional sales people. They are not manufacturer’s representatives. They are not going to be employed by the company, and therefore, they are viewed as the vulnerable purchasers of an opportunity. And that’s why the opportunity, the business, is regulated by consumer protection statutes; to protect the distributor, the amateur, who is about to be involved in a business.

Making Unauthorized Medical Claims and the FDA – Why Distributors Cannot Make Unauthorized Medical Claims

This product can be used for cancer. Or, use this for Alzheimer’s disease. Use this for fibromyalgia. Use this for your skin cancer. When this sort of claim is made, particularly in an anecdotal way and particularly with pictures of shrunken tumors and the like, the distributors who are making these claims are endangering the franchise of the company. And, they’re endangering the livelihood of all the other distributors who are selling the product.

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