Editor’s Note -

This is a dignified law firm newsletter, not like the “Brand X” versions. You won’t find pandering, attention-grabbing stories about Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, Prince William, or Charlie Sheen. Lady Gaga will not be mentioned. Sure, there are those who would resort to tricks to game the search engines, in order that their cartoonish scrawls clog the top of everyone’s Google “hit list,” but George Clooney is not someone we’re going to talk about. Nothing here about Ben Affleck’s Oscar or Oscar Pistorius’s arraignment either. And forget about Adele’s baby. Angelo. That’s not to say that someone wouldn’t sprinkle celebrity names throughout these pages (think “Where’s Waldo” for bank lawyers), but that would simply ensure that you actually read these important articles because if you don’t your institutions will fail. Consider this a public service. Kate Middleton’s pregnancy? Not R Us! Try the other guys. You’re welcome.

This quarter we had a lot of important stuff happen. A comet barely missed the planet, a bus-sized meteor exploded over Russia, and the President issued a cyber-security order. There were remittance transfer rules and then there weren’t; lots of privacy, mortgage, and arbitration developments; and so much CFPB stuff that we almost had to ship by the pound.

Until next issue, don’t litter, look both ways, and recycle this newsletter.

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