Getting the Best Medical Care: a Newsletter from Patrick Malone - August 2012

In This Issue:

The Dubious Claims for Diet Supplements; Sports and Energy Drinks Deliver Caffeine Plus Empty Promises; Better Eating Habits Beat Supplement Fads; Recent Health Care News You Should Know About; and, Check Out Our Previous Tips.


Eat, Drink and Be Wary: The Truth aboutDiet Supplements and Sports Drinks -

For whatever reason -- no time to cook, picky palates, fondness for fast food -- Americans are always looking for ways to enhance their diets and improve their fitness that don't involve consuming actual food. The market for vitamin/mineral/herb supplements and energy/sports drinks is strong and growing.

The truth is different. If you don't have a diagnosed disorder whose treatment requires nutritional supplementation, swallowing these products is wasteful at best and harmful at worst. This month, I review recent research that reinforces the folly of using products whose benefits just aren't there.

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