How to Prove to Yourself It’s Not the Economy


I see far too many lawyers giving up on themselves and the success of their practices, blaming it on the economy.

But I know it’s not true because I see lawyers all over the country, in big towns, small towns and in between towns being successful under the exact same economic conditions.

I also know that if you are blaming the economy for your troubles, you aren’t just going to believe me when I say “it’s not the economy, silly.”

So, for you, I have a leetle experiment. Please do it. It will change everything for you.

We need to break you free of this thinking that is holding you back from what you really want.

Okay, here’s experiment #1:

Go on Yelp and look up the most popular expensive restaurant in your town.

Here in Boulder, that could be the Chophouse or maybe La Frasca.

Then, at 8p on Friday or Saturday night, go there and eat. (Better call for a reservation now.)

I know you don’t think you can afford it. But, you cannot afford not to do this. (Plus, you will really enjoy the meal.)

While you are there, look around at all the people spending $100-150 or more on a night out.

These are all people who need what you have to offer. They are not stopped by the economy. They are doing business, growing their families, engaging in life.

And they will want your services when you stop blaming the economy and start focusing on how you can educate and serve all the people in that restaurant and everyone they know.

Bring a pad of paper and pen (or an iPad or smartphone) with you to dinner and take notes on all the ideas you will generate while you are there.