Lawyers Still Ignorant of Communications Decency Act


There are still many attorneys making money representing clients on Internet defamation cases that can’t be won. They are either ignorant of the law, or ignoring it. My firm has been schooling others on the Communications Decency Act for years. But there are a number of firms that still need an education. A case recently came down in New York, where someone tried to sue a web host for the comments posted on his website.

Let’s all say it together. If a website is created that allows visitors to post their comments, then under the Communications Decency Act the host of that website cannot be held liable for any defamatory remarks that others post. The law is very black and white in this area. The myth still continues that if the defamed party makes the website operator aware of the defamatory material, he somehow becomes liable for failing to take it down. That is simply not true.

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