Mistakes Lawyers Make That Could Put Your Confidential Information Into The Hands of Identity Thieves


In each of the following mistakes, ask yourself whether you think a receptionist, delivery person, or cleaning crew could get their hands on your confidential legal documents. I think you'll agree that any one of these mistakes could result in your Social Security Number and other secret information falling into the hands of someone who might steal your identity. Identity theft can cause serious financial problems for anyone who is unlucky enough to have their identity stolen. By using your identity, a thief could secure loans, open up a line of credit, and apply for credit cards - all in your name. An identity thief could drain your bank account and max out your credit cards. Identity theft can ruin your credit rating, put you into serious debt and perhaps even personal bankruptcy or home foreclosure. As a victim of identity theft, you could find yourself needing the services of an experienced money lawyer for financial rescue to help with creditors and repair your credit rating...

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