Beginning August 9, 2013, new statewide Child Support Guidelines will go into effect. For families whose combined net monthly income is $30,000 per month or less, the change in the amount of monthly support for minor children is negligible. In most cases, the monthly amount of support will increase $20.00 per month and in some cases, the amount of support will decrease $4.00-5.00 per month. The significant changes in the new Guidelines effect high income families whose combined net monthly income exceeds $30,000.

The new Guidelines also eliminate two former exceptions to support reductions in situations where one party has substantial or shared custody of a child(ren). The new Guidelines do not change the method of calculation of spousal support or temporary alimony (alimony pendente lite) during the divorce proceeding before a Divorce Decree is entered.

Revisions to the Guidelines do not represent an automatic change in circumstances. Rather, they are a ground which permits either party to file a Petition to Modify Support. If there are no unusual circumstances, any modification of a support order will only be effective retroactive to the date of filing of the request.