Olympus Redux: Lessons Learned for Investigating a Foreign Business Partner


There are times when facts which arise out of non-compliance matters can make excellent learning points for the compliance practitioner. The Olympus matter has become such a staple of teaching opportunities. It initially appeared that the primary lessons learned were (1) Do not pay one or two person agents and for an amount of work which is questionable; (2) Do not pay one or two person agents a commission which is unusually high amount of money and have them close up shop soon thereafter; and (3) Do not fire your whistle-blowing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who desires to report such activity to the appropriate regulatory authority. However, yesterday an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), entitled “Olympus Targets Had Scant History”, reporters Daisuke Wakabayashi and Juro Osawa presented facts which provide some additional lessons learned in the still unfolding Olympus matter.

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