Reminder: Employers Must Use New I-9 Form Beginning May 7, 2013


On May 7, 2013, employers must begin using a new version of Form I-9 published by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to verify the identity and authorization of their employees to work in the United States. Employers have been allowed to use the new form since its publication in March, but, beginning May 7, failure to use it may result in penalties.

The new Form I-9 contains several new data fields, including space for employees’ foreign passport information and e-mail addresses. The form’s instructions also have been revised to describe more clearly the information that employees and employers must provide in each section. In addition, the form’s layout has been revised and will now cover two pages, excluding instructions and a list of acceptable documentation. USCIS is hosting live webinars throughout the month of April to explain the new form and the verification process.

If you have questions about the new Form I-9, please contact John P. McLaughlin at 215.864.8241 or, Christopher T. Cognato at 215.864.8612 or, or the member of the Labor and Employment Group with whom you work.