Safety Tips for Skiers and Snow Boarders


Downhill skiing and snowboarding are widely popular winter sports, but they can also lead to serious injuries if safety precautions are not taken. According to the Canadian Ski Council, there are now over four million Canadians participating in downhill skiing and snowboarding activities. With increasing popularity, comes an increase in the number of traumatic injuries and even fatalities, with traumatic brain injury cited as the main cause of death. Injuries such as sprains and broken bones are also common. Most of these injuries from skiing and snowboarding can be prevented by wearing appropriate gear, such as a certified helmet, or obtaining proper training and knowledge, so you can have a fun-filled day on the slopes and still get home safely for a cup of hot cocoa.

Take care on the slopes and remember these simple tips on how you can avoid injury while skiing or snowboarding:

  1. Take a class! Learn to ride the slopes using proper techniques as well as the proper way to use the ski lift.
  2. Get geared up! Wear a helmet and use equipment that is appropriate for your size and skill level. Wear windproof and waterproof clothing in layers.
  3. Be responsible! Stretch and warm up, ski with a buddy, choose hills that are appropriate for your skill level and learn the rules of the slopes. Being responsible will ensure that your day is as fun as possible.

For more information on safe skiing and snow boarding, visit the website of the Canada Safety Council.