Ten Things Small Business Needs To Know About Minimum Wage and Overtime


I read the stories every day: some small business, often a local restaurant or a similar "mom and pop" operation, gets sued or tagged by the Department of Labor for failing to pay minimum wages and overtime to employees. Here's just one example.

I have worked with a fair number of small and midsize businesses. I understand that there are a lot of pressures associated with running a business, and that learning the complexities of wage and hour law is somewhere far down the list of priorities, below things like serving customers and making ends meet to keep the doors open. Time and again I have talked to small business owners and managers who think that because they pay their employees well and treat them fairly, they don't have to worry about keeping track of hours or paying overtime. Here's the thing: if you ignore basic wage and hour compliance, it will hit your bottom line, hard, and often at a time when you can ill afford it.

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