The Many Forms of Injury


An accident can occur in a heartbeat, causing the course of someone’s life to change in the blink of an eye. Some injuries from an accident are temporary and heal without leaving a mark. Others, however, leave permanent physical, emotional and financial scars.

Physical injury

Automobile, truck, bicycle and pedestrian accidents occur every day. Accident victims might suffer from a range of mild to moderate injury, including broken limbs, burns, lacerations, concussion and whiplash, to more lasting and severe injuries, such as facial burns, loss of limbs, spinal chord injury and brain damage.

Emotional injury

Even in accidents resulting in minor physical injuries, young or inexperienced drivers might suffer from emotional and psychological trauma or pervasive anxiety. In addition to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, accident victims often suffer from varying degrees of depression following a traumatic event. Depression is more common if the accident has caused disfigurement, paralysis, loss of hearing or sight, amnesia, or extensive cognitive impairment.

Financial injury

A sudden or drastic change in finances can cause upheaval and disruption throughout a household or business. Whether this change is brought about by divorce, bankruptcy, business fraud, or a sudden death due to accident or illness, financial insecurity can be devastating.

Property loss

Many catastrophic events are beyond our control. The loss of a vehicle in an accident or as a result of theft can be inconvenient, but loss of property due to fire, earthquake or flood can be unfathomable. Loss of property can also result in emotional trauma, and there may be concurrent physical injury accompanying this loss.

If you have suffered an injury of any kind, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property loss and pain and suffering.

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