The Meaning of Patent Infringement and Patent Litigation

In This Presentation:

Top 10 Q’s & A’s About Patent Litigation:

- 1. Can I Infringe a Patent If I Am Not Aware of It?

- 2. How Do I Tell Whether a Patent is Infringed?

- Novelty/Validity vs. Infringement Analysis

- Claim Interpretation – Infringement Analysis

- Design Patent Infringement

- Avoiding Infringing The Patents Of Others

- 3. What Does an Infringement Notice Letter Mean?

- 4. Will My Adversary See My Confidential Docs?

- 5. We Have Insurance; What Do We Do?

- 6. Can I Challenge the Validity of a Patent?

- 7. Why Do Most Cases Settle?

- 8. What is Claim Construction?

- 9. What Is a Summary Judgment Motion?

- 10. Where Can I Get More Info. About IP Litigation?

- Excerpt from 8. What is Claim Construction?

•Claims are the most important part of a patent

–Define the scope of the protected invention

•Claim construction = determining the meaning and scope of the claims (“construing”) in litigation

•Determined by a court, which looks to:

–Claim language

–Patent specification

–Prosecution history

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