The Merger Of The CenturyLink.


Recently, through repeated viewing of some commercials and a little independent research, I learned that Qwest has merged with CenturyLink. In the interest of full disclosure, I know very little about this merger aside from the commercials and internet snippets, but the commercials I’ve seen from Xfinity/Comcast (talk about a muddy rebranding) have piqued my interest.

Tragically, I’ve been unable to locate any of the actual commercials on the web. However, the commercials generally involve: (1) a customer standing in a music store/car dealership/electronics store; (2) pining for the Les Paul guitar/Ferrari/big screen TV; (3) and then being forced to accept a recorder/broken down lemon/13” black and white TV. The commercial then follows with a line closely resembling the following: “No one likes having decisions made for them. Don’t let Qwest pass you off to other companies like CenturyLink.”

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