The New and Improved California Residential Property Disclosure Form: A Harbinger of More Significant Reforms in Replacement Cost Estimating


Introduced by Assembly Member Ted Gaines (R), AB 2022 revamps California’s Residential Property Disclosure Form (current page 3; new page 10) and the accompanied California Residential Property Insurance Bill of Rights (current page 13; new page 15). The new disclosure form, drafted in plain and simple language, significantly improves the current form and makes understandable the differences in residential insurance coverages available to California insurance consumers. The changes, however, are much more than stylistic.

Commissioner Poizner, whose office helped craft AB 2022, has also drafted comprehensive regulations in an effort to respond to the under-insurance problems caused by the 2003, 2007 and 2008 California wildfires.

The Proposed Regulations establish standards for accurate replacement cost estimating, broker agent training on replacement cost estimating, and new record keeping requirements. The Proposed Regulations place the burden of accurately estimating replacement value of a home squarely on the insurance industry. The new disclosure form, the first step towards this regulatory reform, removes critical language found in the current disclosure form that obligates the consumer to determine and maintain the proper policy limits on their home.

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