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Here is the latest in a regular series of articles based on the work of the Managing Partner Leadership Advisory Board (“LAB”).

The LAB was created by international law practice management consultant Patrick J. McKenna and Baker & Daniels Chair Emeritus Brian K. Burke to offer recently appointed managing partners a forum in which to pose questions on issues of critical leadership importance. LAB responses derive from its members' many years' experience as law firm leaders.

QUESTION: I’m about to become (in two months) the new managing partner at a firm where approximately one-half of our lawyers are in one city (where my office is), while the rest are dispersed over four smaller locations, and across three States. There is a strong sense of us-and-them that unfortunately has developed. And being yet another managing partner from the firm’s largest office doesn’t help. One of the priorities, that I want to direct some of my attention to addressing, is to implement actions that would serve to make our long-distance working relationships more cohesive. I am planning to visit each of the offices before I assume leadership, and on a regular basis thereafter, but that doesn’t really address the core issue here.

What has been your experience with handling this situation? What advice, what specific strategies and activities would you suggest that I implement?

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