What’s Eating You? Meal and Rest Breaks, Overtime, and Other Wage and Hour Issues That Keep You Up at Night (Presentation)

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Daily Court Filings; Exempt Or Non-Exempt?; Exempt Employees Must Meet Two Separate Tests: Salary Test And Duties Test - Three Most Common Duties Exemptions: Executive Exemption; Administrative Exemption; Professional Exemption; Other Common Exemptions; Steps To Ensure Classification Compliance; Overtime Requirements; Calculation Examples; Overtime Exceptions; Recordkeeping Obligations; Payroll Deductions; Special Compensation Rules; Pay Stub Requirements Pay Stub Hourly Employee;Pay Stub Piece Rate Employee; Vacation Benefits; Holidays; Meal Periods And Rest Breaks; Brinker Restaurant V. Superior Court; What Does “Provide” Mean?; What Happens If Nonexempt Employee Works Through Meal Break?; Early Lunching Policy; Number Of Rest Periods; Off-The-Clock Certifications; Take-Home Lessons From Brinker; More Good News On Meal/Rest Periods; New Risks To Employers Who Misclassify Their Employees As Independent Contractors; Common Law Tests For Independent Contractors; Other Factors Considered; Risks Of Misclassification; New Legislation; Recent Case Law Re Misclassification; And Interns.

- Excerpt from Daily Court Filings

John Aquino v. Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc 9/26/2012 BC492743 Highberger - Class action for Labor Code violations, including failure to provide rest and meal periods.

Daniel Robert Salazar v. International Services Agency 9/26/2012 BC492744 Wiley - Class action for Labor Code violations, including failure to pay minimum hourly wages and to pay earned wages.

Laura E. Duarte v. Mother's Nutritional Center, Inc.; Richard Flores 9/25/2012 BC492647 Mohr - Class action for Labor Code violations including failure to pay overtime or provide meal and rest periods...

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