Changes in Czech parental and other family contributions or benefits for Czech citizens abroad.


The Czech employment agencies were long ago warned by the European Commission and other Member States that they interpreted the term "residence" to broad. This would lead to abuse of the whole social system. (Czech nationals living abroad receive social contributions in the Czech Republic and also in the country where they actually live).

Therefore the Czech employment programs, under the internal rules of the Ministry of Social Affairs, changed the methodology and interpretation in the sense that the formal registration in the Czech Republic as such, no longer automaticly entitles Czech nationals to social security contributions from the Czech Republic. The Czech authorities have changed this interpretation, not because new EU regulations have been established. The coordination rules regarding the applicability of a particular

social system were already stated in an earlier Regulation 1408/71 but these rules were, untill now, misinterpreted by the Czech Republic, in other words:

Many Czech women, with a long-term stay abroad, but still registered in the Czech Republic, unlawfully received these parental and other social contributions or benefits from the Czech Republic.

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