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Human Emotional Mistakes A Retirement Plan Provider Should Avoid

We are all human unless someone of us are cyborgs sent by Cyberdyne Systems in the future. Seriously, humans are controlled by emotions and everyone knows that after going through their teenage years. Human emotion can make us…more
| Business Organizations, Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking, Taxation

Fighting the Fiduciary Rule Before It’s Been Even Proposed

Not long after President Obama expressed the desire that the Department of Labor (DOL) implement a fiduciary rule for brokers who work on retirement plans; did one of Wall Street’s paid minions strike back…more
| Elections & Politics, Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking, Securities Law

The Rosenbaum Law Firm Review - March 2015

In This Issue: - It's The Plan Sponsor's Responsibility, Just Because. - Reasons When A Plan Sponsor Should Change Their Plan Providers. - What Retirement Plan Sponsors Have To Fear. - A great Retirement Plan?…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

It’s The Plan Sponsor’s Responsibility, Just Because

I have been a fan of Sesame Street since I was a child and again as an adult when my children were younger. It’s a brilliant show that has educated millions of kids in the past 45 years. One of the great events in Sesame Street…more
| Business Organizations, Finance & Banking, Labor & Employment Law, Taxation

Enrollment Meetings Don’t Have To Be Run Like Funerals

I have been to many funerals and many 401(k) enrollment meetings and I have to say that most funerals are livelier than 401(k) enrollment meetings. It doesn’t have to be that way…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

The White House wants a new fiduciary rule

The White House unveiled their plan to direct the Department of Labor to unveil a new fiduciary standard rule that will curb the conflict of interest and excessive fees that the White House says that mars 401(k) and IRA…more
| Elections & Politics, Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

Lockhead Martin and the Trickle Down Effect

Lockhead Martin settled their excess fee lawsuit concerning their 401(k) plan by making a $62 million settlement with plan participants. That is probably the highest excess fee settlement on record. I know how people think and…more
| Civil Remedies, Finance & Banking, Labor & Employment Law

Reasons When Plan Sponsors Should Change Their Plan Providers

People are afraid of change and sometimes; change can be a good thing. Change for the sake of change isn’t a good idea and there are times when change is absolutely necessary. This article is about when it’s probably a good idea…more
| Business Organizations, Finance & Banking, Labor & Employment Law, Taxation

When you get fired, there maybe a bigger story out there

When I used to date in school, I would get some crazy breakup lines that I knew had nothing to do with reality. “The maybe it’s fate we won’t be together” or “you’d make a great husband” lines are something that were just…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

What Retirement Plan Sponsors Have To Fear

In his inauguration speech, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Retirement plan sponsors have more to fear than fear itself except the problem is that they’re unaware that they…more
| Business Organizations, Finance & Banking, Labor & Employment Law, Law Practice Products & Services, Taxation

Advisors Advantage - February 2015

In This Issue: - Marketing and Management Tips For Retirement Plan Providers - There is a price to pay for being outspoken - Never give into disillusionment - Tread Carefully with Plan Provider…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

A great Retirement Plan? It’s not in the water.

I love bagels and one of the greatest debates out there is what makes them great. People swear up and down that it’s the water from New York. They believe it so much so that there are businesses who advertise that they either…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

Hardship Withdrawal Requests should have documentation

A few weeks back, an advisor told me that a large bundled provider is offering some sort of hardship withdrawal service that allows participants to get a quick withdrawal as long as they state that they have an immediate and…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

Tread Carefully with Plan Provider Referrals

As a retirement plan provider, you are often asked to give a referral to other retirement plan providers. If you are a financial advisor, you maybe asked for a referral for a third party administrator or an ERISA attorney…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking

Never give into disillusionment

If you start a retirement plan practice, it can be frustrating. Like I always say about thing in my life, “If it wasn’t a struggle, it wasn’t any fun”. Building a retirement plan practice isn’t easy because a stash of clients…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking
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