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Increase The Number Of Women On Corporate Boards

Corporate boards need more women. That is a simple statement, backed by research and evidence that corporate boards with more women are more profitable. I have written about that in the past…more
| Business Organizations, Commercial Law & Contracts

Three Blind Mice And The HP FCPA Settlement

The HP FCPA settlement was not your run-of-the-mill enforcement action. The blogosphere has been filled with different analyses and interpretations. Client alerts have been taking shots at coming up with original ideas and…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Criminal Law, International Law & Trade

The Apple Monitorship: Airing Dirty Laundry

I am married to a lovely Sicilian-born woman. One thing her family has taught me – the value of family loyalty and love. That same principle does not apply when it comes to the relationship between the Apple Monitor and…more
| Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Commercial Law & Contracts

Sifting Through The Ukraine Economic Sanctions

It is odd how a foreign crisis can have a dramatic impact on the world of ethics and compliance. Foreign policy headaches turn into compliance nightmares when the United States becomes embroiled in foreign events…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Elections & Politics, Finance & Banking, International Law & Trade

Mitigating Bribery Risks With Financial Controls

Anti-corruption compliance is not as hard as it looks. In fact, by taking a step back, compliance professionals can gain insights. At the direction of compliance professionals, companies like to develop and adopt…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, International Law & Trade

AML Enforcement And Sanctions

AML enforcement often includes sanctions violations. The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) is responsible for regulating and enforcing the sanctions regime…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Finance & Banking, International Law & Trade

A Close Look At Internal Controls

Companies with ineffective internal controls face risks of embezzlement and self-dealing by employees, bribery, export control violations and other possible legal violations. The payment of foreign bribes often occurs in…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, International Law & Trade

To Be a Criminal, You Have to Act Like a Criminal

Lawyers, compliance professionals and senior management at companies can be obsessive when it comes to the threat of criminal liability. Please do not get me wrong, I am not minimizing the risk of criminal prosecution, nor I am…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Criminal Law

Paper Tigers And Paper Compliance

The FCPA Guidance is an extraordinary document filled with excellent ideas, defined safe harbors and important enforcement and compliance principles. It is a lesson in good government, and a testament to an instructive process…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, International Law & Trade, Securities Law

AML Enforcement Jitters And Due Diligence

The Justice Department and the financial regulatory agencies have sent a strong message of enforcement, suggesting that financial institutions are not adequately implementing AML compliance controls…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Finance & Banking, International Law & Trade

Corruption Continues To Eat Away At India

At first glance, India is a country of incredible economic opportunity. India’s GDP is slated to continue to grow five (5) percent each year. It has the third biggest economy in the world, below the US and China…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, International Law & Trade

Do Compliance Professionals Have To Be Lawyers?

As compliance professionals enjoy the rise of their profession, lawyers are sensing a decline in importance. I am hearing from compliance professionals a new and disturbing trend – companies are requiring compliance…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts

Digging Down on Joint Ventures and FCPA Compliance

The FCPA is a broad statute. As written, it covers a number of situations, and creates twists and turns in analysis. One of the more challenging areas to navigate is the issue of joint ventures. When you bring two…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, International Law & Trade

The Economic Crime Triad: Companies Facing Major Risks

FCPA practitioners can suffer from myopia – a narrow focus on FCPA risks. The FCPA does not apply to company actors who take bribes in exchange for awarding contracts to companies. That situation is commonly referred to as…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Criminal Law, International Law & Trade

CCO’s Be Careful What You Ask For — You Just May Have It

The old adage has taken hold in the compliance field – “Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.” Compliance professionals are finally getting the respect they deserve. They still have a long way to go. General…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts
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