Most individuals would like to resolve their divorce or family law case outside of court.  The problem is that many do not agree on all issues in play in their divorce.

When individuals think about how to get to an agreement, some parties may consider collaborative divorce. But one question some may have is why do they need a collaborative team?

A collaborative team to many can give the feeling of being overkill. Some may worry about the cost of having a collaborative team helping them.

For those that do not know, in collaborative divorce, the collaborative team can assist of collaborative divorce lawyers representing both parties. Additionally, it can involve a divorce coach, financial neutral and child custody professional.

The collaborative team can be key to settlement in many cases. In other words, without a divorce coach, parties may say or do things in the collaborative process that can emotions and animosity to rise, which would be adverse to settling a divorce outside of court.

In other cases, the parties both might want to settle, but they have many questions. They might have questions about taxes, valuation of assets and other financial concerns that can hang up settlement. This is where a financial neutral can help walk the parties through these financial difficulties.

In cases with children, the issues may be complex. The children could have special needs. There might be medical issues or other complexities. This is where the child custody professional can help bring the parties to an agreement.

At the end of the day, most parties want to settle their divorce. Most parties do not want a divorce. But the devil is always in the details. The details can often hang up settlement.

This is where the collaborative team can help bring parties to a settlement where that might not have been possible otherwise.