Laner Muchin, Ltd.

The new Title IX regulations go into effect this Friday, August 14, 2020. As the deadline is around the corner, make sure you have completed the following:  

  • Identified your Title IX Coordinator, Investigators, and Decision-makers;
  • Created new Title IX sex discrimination, and sexual harassment policies and procedures, and updated all related handbooks or codes of conduct;
  • Received training on the new regulations (Title IX Coordinator, Investigators, Decision-makers, those involved in any informal resolution process, and all K-12 employees);
  • Updated your website with the new policies and procedures, Title IX Coordinator contact information, and training materials;
  • Ensured you have a centralized recordkeeping system in place;
  • Provided notice to parents/guardians about the new Title IX policy and procedures, and the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information;
  • Created templates for all notice requirements, investigation report, and responsibility determination; and
  • Created opening and closing file checklists to ensure compliance with the new regulations.