2013-14 Minnesota Legislative Committee Structure and Chairs



Today Minnesota Speaker-designate Paul Thissen (DFL-Mpls) released the House committee structure and chairs. The House has 28 committees and has loaded up Tuesday through Thursday for the bulk of the committee work. Committee purview and subdivisions have yet to be determined.

House committee chairs and committees are available here.
The House committee schedule is available here.


Earlier this week Senate Majority Leader Designate Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) announced the Senate committee structure and chairs. The Senate has not yet announced jurisdictions for the 19 standing committees.

The Senate standing committee meeting schedule is available here.

The link to the Senate committee chairs is not yet available.
Please see the list below:

Committee on Rules and Administration – Bakk
Subcommittee on Elections – Sieben
Committee on Capital Investment – Stumpf
Committee on Taxes – Skoe
Tax Reform Division – Rest
Committee on Finance – Cohen
E-12 Division – Wiger
Environment, Economic Development and Ag. Division – Tomassoni
Health and Human Services Division – Lourey
Higher Education and Workforce Development Division – Bonoff
State Departments and Veterans Division – Saxhaug
Transportation and Public Safety Division – Dibble
Committee on Commerce – Metzen
Committee on Education – Torres Ray
Committee on Environment and Energy – Marty
Committee on Health, Human Services and Housing – Sheran
Committee on Jobs, Agriculture and Rural Development – Sparks
Committee on Judiciary – Latz
Committee on State and Local Government – Pappas


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