Getting the Best Medical Care: A Newsletter From Patrick Malone - September 2011

In this issue: Calcium Heart Screening: The Other Side of a TV Fad; CRP Testing: Following the Money Trail; Unbiased Advice for Heart Screening; Check Out Our Previous Tips; and Read an excerpt from Patrick Malone's book: The Life You Save: Nine Steps to Finding the Best Medical Care - and Avoiding the Worst.

If Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC and Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN look straight into your eyes (through a TV camera lens) and tell you to get a simple, lifesaving medical screening test, should you run right out and do it?

And if not, why not? And what might you do instead to protect your health?

This month's topic is health advice from M.D.'s on television. There's been a recent spate of dramatic stories on TV about screening tests for heart attack risk. How do you make sense out of them and what should you do? Read on for more.

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