Getting the Best Medical Care: A Newsletter From Patrick Malone - May 2011

In this issue: Your Odds of Landing in an ICU; The Health Care Power of Attorney; Living Wills - and Some Questions to Ponder; Stop By Our New Office Near the White House!; and Check Out Our Previous Tips.

Unimaginable, isn't it? The idea that we could be facing a life-and-death decision about our own health care -- but we are mute, unable to speak or communicate in any way.

Yet this scary, unimaginable event happens to millions of Americans every year. And because most of us haven't given the prospect any advance thought, decisions can be made for us that we wouldn't make for ourselves if we had any say.

If we're suddenly stricken unconscious, we can count on getting emergency care to keep us alive and revive us to normal consciousness if possible.

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