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Ceding the Stage – Lessons in Leadership

I’ve been engaged in a lively discussion with other legal marketers in which two topics I love, basketball and leadership, have come together nicely. You don’t have to be a basketball fan, or even a sports fan, to benefit from…more

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When and Why Clients Hire Consultants

A number of respected professionals have recently joined the ranks of consultants and each has asked in their own way for my advice on how to sell their services. There are as many opinions about this as there are consultants…more

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OnRamp Fellowship Launches

My friend, fellow Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and occasional collaborator, Caren Ulrich Stacy, has launched a new initiative – the OnRamp Fellowship – with the goal of increasing gender diversity in law…more

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I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City

I’m sure there are many people, particularly the younger generation, seeing their Tumblr, news feeds and Facebook walls blow up with Nelson Mandela tributes and who, while recognizing the name, still wonder what’s the big deal…more


On Bullying

It’s a relatively simple mathematical calculation to quantify the negative impact of bullies in the workplace, yet managers in organizations everywhere allow toxic behavior to persist. This week’s object lesson comes from the…more

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Solving for Profitability

At a recent collaborative workshop between two camps — in-house counsel and corporate procurement professionals on one side and and law firm partners, finance and marketing professionals on the other — we had a lively discussion…more

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Predictive Analytics – Gaining a Competitive Edge

Law firm leaders who embrace predictive analytics to manage their businesses and their practices can establish a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors who rely on gut instinct and sheer intellect to leader their…more

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Crowdsourcing Legal Project Management: How to get started?

I was invited to contribute to Michelle Mahoney‘s recent ILTA blog series on legal project management. In this series, numerous experts, pundits and practitioners with experience in project management offer insights and…more

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Big Data: Big Deal or Big Win?

One of the trending phrases in the legal marketplace is “big data,” which refers loosely to the synthesis of massive amounts of data, often from disparate data sets, to provide leaders with predictive analytics and better…more

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Law firm growth… when is being #1 not very impressive?

The global law firm DLA has overtaken Baker McKenzie to become the top grossing law firm in the world, according to the AmLaw Daily. With a record-breaking USD $2.44 billion in top line revenue, an 8.6% increase over the prior…more

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The Death of Information Asymmetry

One concept I discuss in my workshops is “information asymmetry.” It refers to the information gap facing one or both parties in a transaction. Think about online dating profiles and how the information presented is rarely…more

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The Evolving Benefits of Law Firm Networks

I’m regularly invited to speak at meetings where various members of law firm affiliate networks have gathered. Sometimes these are regional meetings attended by the member firms’ key relationship partners and the topics are…more

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Hosting an event – success is more than filling a room

In recent months I’ve spoken and written a great deal about measuring ROI, or return on investment, as law firm leaders continue to face tough choices about where to spend the firm’s hard-earned capital…more

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