2013 Hotline Benchmarking Toolkit


Introduction -

Every year, ethics and compliance professionals gather data from the reports made through their various reporting systems. The way the data is segmented may mean the difference between catching a problem early or just having a stack of tables and graphs with little context for programs, Boards, or senior executives to interpret.

Analysis of reports alleging misconduct and questions raised about company policies provide a valuable perspective on a company’s culture as well as the effectiveness of its ethics and compliance program. The challenge, however, in helpline/ hotline data analysis and reporting is that there is no right number of total reports or reports about a specific issue type. Every organization and industry faces different risks, which is reflected in the variety of concerns raised by its employees. Further, even within industries, such as healthcare or manufacturing, there are significant differences.

NAVEX Global, through our delivery of intake services and case/incident management systems, has access to the world’s largest and most complete database of reports and outcomes. This data – with identifying characteristics removed – hasallowed the creation of a set of benchmarks across a group of metrics which will assist organizations in making informed decisions about program effectiveness, potential problem areas, and necessary resource allocations. This report reviews the cross-industry benchmarks created using data from all companies in the database. It should serve as an excellent starting point for companies wishing to assess their organization’s reporting data.

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