The prior post contains a link to a story discussing one of Disney’s key philosophies–”It’s not my fault, but it is my problem.” When a park patron shares a problem with a Disney employee, it doesn’t matter that the employee had nothing to do with the problem or that it’s “outside their jurisdiction.” The employee is trained to “own” the problem until it is solved. In stark contrast, I saw a story in today’s Chicago Tribune about American Airlines once again missing an opportunity to convert a problem into amazing customer service, similar to my own recent experience with the airline. “Service” programs that are designed to kick the can down the road (“you’ll have to deal with it at the airport”) are a waste–they do nothing but tick off the customer. How much easier would it be for an airline to fix the problem rather than suffer attack on Twitter or a major story about what jackasses they are in a major (well, the Tribune used to be) Sunday newspaper?

Customer service is not something you claim to do. It is something that is part of your (whether a person or a company) DNA. It is clearly not part of American Airlines’ DNA.