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Compliance Notes - Vol. 4, Issue 4

Welcome to Compliance Notes from Nossaman’s Government Relations & Regulation Group – a periodic digest of the headlines, statutory and regulatory changes and court cases involving campaign finance, lobbying compliance, election law… more

AdTech round-up 2022

In last year’s round-up, we foresaw a busy and unpredictable year for adtech in 2022, and we weren’t wrong. In our latest edition, it is clear now more than ever that there is no single source of regulation when it comes to online… more

In the Metaverse, Existing Healthcare Rules Apply

Providers and platforms should know that healthcare in the metaverse — which may involve telepresence, digital twinning, and blockchain — is subject to ‘real life’ regulations. The metaverse uses technologies such as artificial… more

ESG Market Alert – January 2023

In this alert, we provide a round-up of the latest developments in ESG for UK corporates. In this month’s ESG Market Alert, we cover: On 13 December 2022, EU member states reached a deal on the world’s first major carbon border tax… more

Fintech 2023

Canadian fintech industries, particularly digital payments, digital trading, robo-advising and open banking, continued to experience significant growth until 2022. The pace of innovation had been accelerated by expansive… more

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