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Say Thanks and Strategize Your Year End

Here at WPG, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It allows for cherished time with friends and family. Most of us, at least in the United States, are able to slow down, take a few days away from the office and be grateful for… more

At The Well Weekly – Oil And Gas Update For Week Ending 11/17/2017 – WV/China MOU For Natural Gas Development Investments Makes Headlines, Fuel Gas Royalty Class Action Survives In Oklahoma, Colo. Supremes OK Refund For Overpaid Oil/Gas Production Taxes

Spot prices in Appalachia increased since our last report based largely on cold temperature forecasts while the rig count and oil prices maintained their positions. In Appalachia, West Virginia reports that it reached a memorandum of… more

Coachella vs. Filmchella

The Coachella/Filmchella trademark infringement case continues to heat up. Last month, my colleague Megan Center wrote a blog post about the preliminary injunction granted by the Central District of California to the organizers of the… more

Trusts and Estates Newsletter 2017

After months of delay, the Connecticut General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed in large part, a budget bill in the last days of October. The bill increases the Connecticut estate and gift tax exemption to meet the federal… more

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