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Yet Another ET Rover Pipeline Accident

The ET Rover Pipeline through Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania suffers yet another environmental accident. I have documented past problems with the construction of the ET Rover pipeline. Last week, yet another… more


Are you really trying to use Jedi mind tricks to sell merch? Fan Disservice? That’s the accusation leveled by Truth in Advertising Inc., which claims that Skywalker’s Hollywood avatar, Mark Hamill, took so long to disclose that a… more

Unexplained Wealth Orders

Background - For some time there has been a perception that the UK is a safe refuge for corrupt individuals seeking to conceal their unlawfully acquired assets. This has particularly been the case with regard to persons from… more

Less than One Month To Go!

On February 15, many insurance companies, producers and others with New York DFS licenses and other authorizations (except for certain entities and employees who have filed for an exemption) will need to file a compliance certificate… more

Workplace Violence Fatalities Up In 2016

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published workplace fatality statistics for 2016 showing a 7-percent increase from 2015. Within this increase, workplace violence and other injuries by persons or animals increased 23 percent to… more

MSHA Issues Cold Weather Alert

Most of the U.S. has experienced very cold temperatures this winter. MSHA recently issued a Cold Weather Alert. In the alert, it was noted that cold stress can result in hypothermia, frostbite or trench foot… more

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