I have often observed that when presented with an idea from outside the law, lawyers are almost reflexively dismissive. After immediate dismissal of such ideas, lawyers then tend to exercise their legal skills to develop their arguments why the idea is bad. In contrast, most business persons I have had an opportunity to observe hear an idea and immediately consider how the idea could help their business. If the application of the idea is not clear, business persons tend to look for a germ, a molecule, a nano particle of “something” they can utilize. I hope that as lawyers are forced to think more like business persons, they embrace this attribute. I’m not holding my breath, but that is my hope.

It is in this vane that I am sharing a link to a story on client service (including a podcast version), something I heard this morning on an NPR program called Under the Influence, produced by CBC. The piece was entirely about customer service and the way it improves companies and profits. I hope you appreciate the ideas Terry O’Reilly shares.