Global Government Solutions® 2016 Mid-Year Outlook

by K&L Gates LLP

This newest edition of the Global Government Solutions® series highlights increased government involvement in global commerce and provides the latest regulatory information corporate leaders need to navigate the intersection of business and government.

The 2016 Mid-Year Outlook includes a diverse collection of over 40 articles from practitioners across our global platform that we hope will be a useful resource for your business. The articles address important industry and regulatory trends and their correlation with governmental and political developments.

This edition covers varied topics including:

- Brexit issues;

- a review of the U.S. government’s aggressive approaches to securities regulation and white collar criminal cases;

- an examination of the UK government’s increasing appetite for regulatory and criminal investigations and prosecutions;

- a look at the new U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Agreement; and

- analyses of developments in the financial services, global investment, trade, public policy, transportation, energy, environmental, labor and employment and technology fields.

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