National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Speed Laws, Includes Nevada Speeding Law

by Las Vegas, Personal Injury Lawyer, Howard Roitman

Las Vegas Nevada Tickets Speed Law Reserch<

statutes or regulations that are concerned with

either speed limit or speed-related violations.

Local laws are not reported. Unless otherwise

indicated, the status of the State laws or

regulations reported is January 1, 2006.


The summary is divided into two areas: (1)

Introduction; (2) a State-by-State-Analysis. The

State-by-State Analysis is organized by State and

then by specific legal topics. The State-by-State

Analysis includes code and case law citations;

these should help individuals conducting

additional research in this area of the law. The

State-by-State Analysis can be used to facilitate

the comparison of State laws in the subject areas.

The Appendix, using the State-by-State analysis

format, gives the Uniform Vehicle Code’s

provisions on speed limit and speed-related



Basic Speed Rule: The Basic Speed Rule requires

vehicle operators to drive at a speed that is

reasonable and prudent. As a corollary to this

rule, State laws usually provide that "every person

shall drive at a safe and appropriate speed when

approaching and crossing an intersection or

railroad grade crossing, when approaching and

going around a curve, when approaching a hill

crest, when traveling upon any narrow or winding

roadway, and when special hazards exist with

respect to pedestrians or other traffic or by reason

of weather or highway conditions." See Uniform

Vehicle Code §11-801.