PATENT LAW YEAR IN REVIEW: With The Close Of An Active 2007, What Does 2008 Hold?

by Fenwick & West LLP

Table of Contents



Patent Law Year in Review 2008 Presentation Slides...1

List of Cases ...2

LG Electronics, Inc. v. Bizcom Electronics, Inc....3

Legal Strategies for Dealing with Patent Trolls...4

U.S. Patent Law 2007: The Courts Swing the Pendulum...5

Patent Alert: New Rules for U.S. Patent Applications...6

Perspective: Patents, post-Medlmmune...7

International Patent Strategy: Springboard to Going Global...8

Injunctions After ebay v. MercExchange...9

KSR International Co. v. Teleflex Inc. – Ordinary Innovation is Obvious...10

First Two Federal Circuit Post-KSR Obviousness Decision Affirm Patents’ Invalidity...11

Litigation Alert: In re Seagate Technology, LLC - Willful Infringement and the Scope of Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine...12

Litigation Alert: Supreme Court Knocks Down Federal Circuit Rule and Allow Licensees to Challenge a Licensed Patent ...13

Speaker Biographies ...14

Firm Overview ...15

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