Legal updates for: CFPB

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Window on Washington - Vol. 1, Issue 38

by Clark Hill PLC on

...One Shutdown Averted, Countdown Begins Again: With the government funded through December 22, House and Senate leadership are shifting their focus on how to structure a long-term spending deal that would include an increase of the spending caps under the Budget Control Act. Both House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell are proposing... more

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

by Robins Kaplan LLP on

... Wells Fargo apparently can’t count on any intervention from Pennsylvania Avenue (or the Mulvaney-helmed CFPB, for that matter) to reduce the fines associated with its sham-account scandal – NYTimes... more

October and November Developments

by Sullivan & Worcester on

...y memory, the Congress passed a joint resolution to disapprove a final regulation of a federal agency—in this case the CFPB and the rule was related to arbitration clauses in contracts for consumer financial products. In addition, the agencies amen... more

Financial Services Weekly News - December 2017

by Goodwin on

...Editor's Note - We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges. In 2013, former financial advisor, Raymond Lucia, was fined and barred from the industry by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for material misrepresentations to clients regarding, among other things, his company’s “Buckets of Money” investment strategy and... more