San Francisco Establishes Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance


EmpBlog-12.30.2013-SF Family Friendly WorkplaceThe fog has cleared on the San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance. Starting on January 1, 2014, San Francisco employers with 20 or more employees must allow any employee who is employed within the geographic boundaries of the city, regularly works at least 8 hours per week, and has been employed for 6 months or more, to request a flexible or predictable working arrangement to assist with caregiving responsibilities for (1) a minor child, (2) a family member with a serious health condition, or (3) a parent of the employee aged 65 or older. The employer must meet with the employee regarding the request within 21 days of the request and must respond to the request within 21 days of that meeting. A denial of the request must be in writing and must include a bona fide business reason for the denial along with notice of a right to request reconsideration. Employers are encouraged to review, and make sure they follow, the procedural and posting requirements for the new ordinance. Employers can obtain the poster by clicking here.