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Popular Corporate Tax Reads on JD Supra

Reading recap: a look at some of the most popular Corporate Tax articles on JD Supra right now…more
| Business Organizations, Taxation

Popular Reads on JD Supra

Reading recap in case you missed them the first time around, a look at some of the most well-read posts on JD Supra for October, 2014…more
| Business Organizations

Turtles Quick to Leverage SiriusXM Decision in New Suit Against Pandora

Any child familiar with Aesop’s Fables can tell you that turtles are slow. The founding members of the 1960s rock band named after these half-shelled plodders, however, were anything but slow in moving to take full advantage of…more
| Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Intellectual Property, Science, Computers, & Technology

The Supreme Court’s 'Non-Decision' On Same-Sex Marriage: The Impact On Employee Benefits After 'Windsor'

This is a rally call for employers to evaluate employee benefit plan documents for compliance…more
| Business Organizations, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Labor & Employment Law

It’s All Over But the Shouting! What Do Employers Do Now That Gay Marriage Is Effectively Legal Everywhere?

By denying cert in seven cases covering five states, the Supreme Court effectively legalized gay marriage in most, if not all of the United States…more
| Business Organizations, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Labor & Employment Law

SiriusXM and Pre-1972 Recordings Not So Happy Together

The two founding members of the Turtles just prevailed in a lawsuit against SiriusXM sure to rock the music industry and, perhaps, take a lot of music out of circulation…more
| Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Communications & Media Law, Intellectual Property

Content Strategy: Don't Just Write About the Law...

With a case study example, a look at what it takes for lawyers to be well read online today…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Freelance Lawyers: Finding a Fit in the Profession

Freelance work, enabled by unprecedented technological innovation, creates a more efficient market. Dormant talent has access to other non-conventional opportunities. Small and medium sized firms can be more agile in adding…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

The Celebrity Hacking Scandal and You: 3 Takeaways for Everyone

With little ability to undo the damage caused by an embarrassing data breach, nearly insurmountable obstacles preclude a civil/criminal prosecution, and a cloud service agreement rendering a contract action against the provider…more
| Communications & Media Law, Privacy, Science, Computers, & Technology

Popular Reads on JD Supra

Good work by smart folks; some of the most popular updates on JD Supra last month…more
| Business Organizations

I Want My Selfie Back!!!

If your selfie has fallen into the wrong hands, the following statutory acts and/or common law theories may provide some relief…more
| Communications & Media Law, Privacy, Intellectual Property, Science, Computers, & Technology

3 Ways to Stay Sane When Business Is Good

The email below is not something you write to just anyone. The recipient is a mentor and a friend. You’d better be comfortable with the person on the other side if you write what I wrote. I was, and I thought it could help him,…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

The Uber Playbook: 5 Best Practices for Protecting Data Privacy

The risks are significant if managing sensitive data is not part of a proactive plan—the consequences can include penalties, sanctions and reputational damage…more
| Business Organizations, Electronic Discovery, Privacy, Science, Computers, & Technology

Protecting Your Employees (And Your Company's Image) Online

The best and most effective way an employer can combat social media-focused harassment is through education and training on what behavior the company will and will not find acceptable…more
| Business Organizations, Communications & Media Law, Labor & Employment Law, Science, Computers, & Technology

The Monsters of the Digital Age

Like the beasts of Tolkien’s imagination, digital trolls skulk around the internet shrouded in anonymity, unprovoked yet fiercely attacking the unwary. These trolls are individuals who use anonymous screen names to post…more
| Business Organizations, Communications & Media Law, Labor & Employment Law, Science, Computers, & Technology
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