Presidential Review Group Report on NSA Spying: Liberty and Security in a Changing World

by JD Supra Perspectives

Full-text copy of "Liberty and Security in a Changing World," the 300-page report and recommendations of the group tasked by President Obama with reviewing the National Security Administration’s systematic collection of telephone metadata from all Americans. From the New York Times:

“A panel of presidential advisers who reviewed the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices urged President Obama on Wednesday to end the government’s systematic collection of logs of all Americans’ phone calls, and to keep those in private hands, ‘for queries and data mining’ only by court order. […]

[T]he group of five intelligence and legal experts also strongly recommended that any operation to spy on foreign leaders would have to pass a rigorous test that weighs the potential economic or diplomatic costs if the operation becomes public. […]

The panel also declared that the N.S.A. should cease efforts to undermine work to create secure encryption standards to protect confidential communications and data stored on remote 'cloud' servers, and make clear that 'it will not in any way subvert, undermine, weaken or make vulnerable generally available commercial encryption.’“