Why Retirement Plan Sponsors Shouldn’t Pick the “Cheapest” Plan Providers


My wife loves a good bargain; I have lots of credit card bills to prove that. Seriously, my wife is an excellent shopper because she is a savvy shopper. My wife likes a good bargain and it’s about value, getting something in quality that is on sale. Why buy something at retail price, when you can get in a few weeks at 30% less? The Lego City sets we get for my kids are much more enjoyable to us when it’s 50% off than when it’s retail. But a bargain is different than something that’s cheap, a Lego City Bank set that’s 50% off is a better value than the generic Lego knockoff that you see sold at the local 99 cents and up store. As a plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary responsibility to find a bargain when it comes to picking a plan provider, but you may increase your potential liability by picking providers just because they are cheap. This article is about why you shouldn’t pick a plan provider just on low price.

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