A statute just enacted in New Hampshire will subject tractors, farm implements, construction, industrial, and forestry equipment, and even lawn and garden equipment to the detailed regulatory regime applying to car dealerships.

On June 25, 2013, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan signed into law State Senate Bill 126, making a series of changes to New Hampshire’s motor vehicle dealer law intended to give “motor vehicle dealers” additional leverage in their relationships with manufacturers. The most radical change made by SB 126 — one unprecedented in the United States — is a dramatic expansion of the term “motor vehicle” to include a vast array of equipment that is not used for transportation on roads or highways — indeed, apparently, equipment that in many cases does not even have a motor. This new definition of “motor vehicle” reads, in relevant part:

Motor vehicle shall include equipment …. “Equipment” means farm and utility tractors, forestry equipment, industrial equipment, construction equipment, farm implements, farm machinery, yard and garden equipment attachments accessories and repair parts.

See RSA 357-C:1 (as amended) (emphasis supplied).