It is my pleasure once more to publish our list of popular topics on JD Supra covering readership over the entire year. No surprise to see the number one topic for 2017. Other new additions to the list in this tumultuous year include: the European Union, Virtual Currency, Blockchain, Risk Management, Executive Orders, and more. Thank you, dear readers, for joining us here - and without further ado:

The JD Supra 50 - Top Topics in 2017

  1. Trump Administration
  2. The Securities & Exchange Commission (aka SEC)
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Employer Liability Issues
  5. The European Union
  6. Corporate Counsel
  7. Patents
  8. Appeals
  9. Wage & Hour 
  10. The United Kingdom
  11. Hiring & Firing
  12. The United States Supreme Court (aka SCOTUS)
  13. Virtual Currency
  14. Financial Institutions
  15. Data Breaches
  16. Class Action Matters
  17. Enforcement Actions
  18. The Banking Sector
  19. The United States Department of Justice (aka DOJ)
  20. The United States Federal Trade Commission (aka FTC)
  21. Compliance Matters 
  22. The Insurance Industry
  23. The Internal Revenue Service (aka IRS)
  24. The Financial Services Industry
  25. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (aka CFPB)
  26. The United States Departent of Labor (aka DOL)
  27. The Pharmaceutical Industry
  28. Healthcare Providers
  29. Patent Litigation
  30. The United States Food and Drug Administration (aka FDA)
  31. Bitcoin
  32. Healthcare Reform (aka the Affordable Care Act)
  33. Arbitration
  34. The Energy Sector
  35. Risk Management
  36. Blockchain
  37. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (aka EEOC)
  38. Executive Orders
  39. Canada
  40. Cyber Attacks
  41. Personally Identifiable Information
  42. Oil & Gas
  43. The Dodd-Frank Act
  44. Intellectual Property Protection
  45. Federal Contractors
  46. The Construction Industry
  47. China
  48. Trademarks
  49. Tax Reform
  50. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (aka FCPA)


We'll see you in the new year with more good work by the many thousands of professionals writing on JD Supra. Here's to a happy 2018 to all of you!

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