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Luxury Hotel Branded Residences - A Global Trend

This paper examines the history and development of Luxury Hotel Branded Residences globally and the motivation and objectives of real estate developments, hotel brands and buyers in relation to these products together with the legal…more

What is a fraudulent transfer in Massachusetts?

If you are pursuing someone for a claim or are being pursued and you believe assets have been transferred or are thinking of transferring assets to avoid collection, or you are involved in a fraudulent transfer situation, you will want…more

Assessing the Client Bonds of Lateral Candidates

The promise of new client relationships is driving the vast majority of lateral partner movement today. Lateral acquisition is a primary growth strategy for many law firms. But both the new firm and the lateral are often surprised by…more

Its not just the tax: Ireland is still the best location for Soft IP rights.

In spite of recent changes by the Irish Government to the controversial ‘Double Irish’ tax scheme, Niall Tierney contends that Ireland is arguably the best location in the European Union to locate, manage, exploit and enforce Soft IP…more

Why Strong Law Firms Prefer to Merge Rather Than Cherry Pick

The obvious question that first occurs when a strong firm engages in a discussion with a weak firm about a merger is, “why a merger and not a cherry pick?” The preferred choice usually is to cherry pick. The issue of successor…more

The Financial Report - Volume 3, No. 20 • October 16, 2014 (Global)

Compliance template for Exchange Act Rule 17a-5(f)(2). The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has made available a new template and guidance for members electronically filing the statement required by Securities Exchange…more

EEOC Welcomes New Director For the Pacific Northwest

Nancy Sienko Now at the Helm of Civil Rights Agency's Seattle Field Office - SEATTLE -- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) this week welcomed Nancy A. Sienko as the new director of the agency's Seattle Field…more

The Eleventh Circuit Reaffirms FCC’s Authority To Coordinate National TCPA Policy And Ensure Uniformity Of Enforcement in Mais v. Gulf Coast Collection Bureau

Courts that have confronted the application of the “prior express consent” requirement of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, see 47 U.S.C. § 227 – a.k.a., the TCPA – have in the main taken their cues from and adhered to the policy…more

SDNY Dismisses Extraterritorial SOX and Dodd Frank Whistleblower Claims

Failing to heed a powerful message from the Second Circuit, overseas plaintiffs are continuing to seek to pursue SOX and Dodd-Frank whistleblower claims. On September 30, 2014, the Southern District of New York in Ulrich v. Moody’s…more

Health Plan Identifiers – November 5, 2014 Deadline

What Is a Health Plan Identifier (HPID)? A health plan identifier is a standardized 10-digit number that is unique to a plan. Who Must Obtain an HPID in the Coming Weeks? Large “controlling health plans” must…more

Is a Car Making a Left Hand Turn Always at Fault in California?

As many drivers in the Greater Los Angeles area know all too well, making a left turn at a light without a left turn arrow can be a challenge. Many times, cars are “forced” to make the turns as the light is turning red, or in some…more

Supreme Court’s 2014-15 Term: Antitrust Case May Impact the Activities of Alcohol Industry Public/Private Organizations

On October 14, 2014, the United States Supreme Court heard oral argument in a case that could have significant implications for hybrid public/private “regulatory” bodies. Many such bodies, like state and local wine commissions…more

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